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Midvaal Estates

Welcome to Midvaal Estates - a secure residential precinct in the heart of Meyerton, Johannesburg. This development was designed with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, security and family living.

The precinct offers a lifestyle that understands the needs of multi-generational families and caters for all its members. A central, landscaped park at the heart of the development anchors the precinct and connects residents to nature.

Here, residents can enjoy relaxing, socialising, exercising, playing outside and even have opportunity to grow food.

The precinct is geared towards facilitating economic opportunities for small businesses. The unique office and retail offering forms part of the development to allow businesses to flourish.

The precinct invites those who want to embrace an Afropolitan lifestyle that is geared for the future, for socio-economic growth and sustainability.

Our approach is both affordable and unique. Midvaal Estates will enable you to take the first step into the future you want and deserve.

Estate Lifestyle

We believe in supporting residents with the best quality lifestyle amenities possible, in order to create a holistic and vibrant quality of living. The lifestyle at Midvaal Estates is much greater than the individual unit living.

Due to the development’s large land size, it was possible to implement sustainable land practices that support the project. This includes micro-farms that produce organically grown food on site, specifically for residents in order to promote healthier and more eco-friendly living.

Midvaal Estates cares about the wellbeing of its residents and want to prioritize access and opportunities to refuel.

A green strip connects throughout the precinct and anchors it in the natural landscape. Here residents can relax, exercise, socialise or play in a secure environment.
Our lifestyle offerings include:

• Community Centre
• Running Track
• Resident’s Clubhouse
• Swimming Pool
• Energy Efficient Laundry
• Outdoor Gym Area
• Multi-purpose Sports Field
• Children’s Play Area


Midvaal Estates embraces a true African spirit and wants to support you in reaching your life goals. We believe that healthy living starts at home.

The apartments at Midvaal Estates have been designed for multi-generational families.

Our units can cater for diverse users and family configurations as they adapt and grow. Own or rent your own piece of this precinct and share in the lifestyle that it offers on your doorstep.

With SMART building management services, you can track your utility use and save-as-you-go. Reap the benefits of living in a sustainable development that cares about your future.
Our apartments include space for:
- Washing Machine
- Fridge
- Balcony
- Children’s Room
- Cupboards
- Storage
- Extended Family/Friends
Razavi Developments 2 Bedroom Unit

2 Bed Room

Total Area 43 m2
Prices from R 649, 995
Razavi Developments 3 Bedroom Unit

3 Bed Room

Total Area 53 m2
Prices from R 749, 995

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